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El Patio Escondido

El Patio was an awesome night. It was hard to find a seat. This was the first time that Jona Lunde and I played together and it was like magic. Our breaks and timing were almost flawless.  In musician language, that almost never happens when two people play together for the first time—-EVER. I really hope to book some more stuff with her, but I’m afraid somebody is gonna snatch her up. I will definitely try though.




Friends And The Frio

There are no words to describe or express what great friends I have and we got to spend some time on the Frio River together. I haven’t played much this week because I was having fun floating the river and now I am recovering from a great time. I might need an IV drip.  To top it off, on the way home, Robby White and I played some at the Legendary Luckenbach, TX and it made the time even more “GOODER”.