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Booking After Covid

People are finally starting to get out in the world again. It’s sad to see some pretty slow turnouts for some local artists though. Truth is, none of us will…

The Mess Of Covid For Restaurants, Bars, and Entertainers.

This will be a rant of sorts but I am writing this from the inside of the situation so those on the outside of these industries may have some understanding…

Millhouse Pizzeria Sunday Funday Jan 3rd 5-8PM

It’s on. Sunday Funday. Randall Gartman is Live at the Millhouse Pizzeria and Stage in Garland Texas. Starts at 5 but the party started on New Years’ and never ended.

YounGar @ Best Burger Barn Denison, TX

It is on at Best Burger Barn in Denison TX at 7PM. It’s always a goodern, clothes and all. The food is awsome and the fun is gooder.

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