Who Is Randall Gartman?

RandallJailPosterOriginally from Deep East Texas and Louisiana, Randall Gartman’s sound and writing style are always going to transcend his roots. You can almost feel the mud between your toes as you’re tapping your feet to “Alligator Crawl” or maybe even get the feeling of little Bourbon Street as you listen to “Cool Like You”.

Each song has a simple sound with a catchy beat, but all the words are honest and from the heart. Every song captures a part of Randall’s feelings at a particular time and place or reminisces through part of his childhood memories but you will always know it’s not another song that has been written, just to satisfy the so-called, “music industry professional” that is only duplicating the same old tired stuff because it meets a trending algorithm.

Heavily influenced by Johnny Cash, George Jones, Willie and Waylon, Charlie Pride, Hank Williams (Sr, Jr) and Elvis Presley, Randall met up with his mentor and best friend Kevin Clark and some fresh new sounds were born.

Sadly Kevin Clark passed away in 2013 while recording the Gartman/Clark CD but Randall kept the dream alive by self-producing two albums, “Jesus” and “Shadows On The Wall”. The project was an emotional journey but once the tears stopped, a beautiful compilation of Country and Americana music emerged.

Perhaps a highlight of Randall’s career was when he was selected to play at the Outlaws And Legends concert in Abilene, TX. You can see his television interview here, but more importantly Randall was excited to help the boys and girls at the Ben Richey Ranch For Boys¬†and has continually supported the worthy cause every year with his time and financial contributions.