List of Reviews For Randall

“A​”Both gentle in its creative approach and full of heart, Randall’s vocal performance is a truly sublime fit for a song that requires such a delicate touch. Displaying great dynamic control and thoroughly inviting warm tonal characteristics, Randall gives a truly graceful performance that manages to not only echo the genre’s most humble and modest of traits but feel wholly personal and individualistic with regard to his own distinct thoughts and feelings. This allows “Who Would Santa Prey To” to feel so much more than a simple Christmas-inspired country song, there’s a definite feeling of depth here that listeners will undeniably connect with.”

“Lyrically, the tune serves as an anthem for the newly single and celebrates the bad behavior needed to mend a broken heart. Randall Gartman commands the microphone with a robust, charismatic twang perfect for country music. He sings with equal parts heart and wit to deliver the song’s somber, yet comedic message. The catchiness of the lyrics is enough to hold listeners’ attention, but not without the strong support from the tune’s rhythm section. Thanks in part to the fine musicianship in the tune, Getting Over You by Randall Gartman offers something for everyone who needs a song to get over a broken heart.”