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Live Event – Best Burger Barn Denison, TX | Randall Gartman

Randall Gartman LIVE at the Best Burger Barn in Denison Texas, Aug 25th at 7PM | 100 W Chestnut St, Denison, TX 75021

Professional Review By Andre Avanessian

Overall Impression:Brilliantly performed and with a spirit-warming festive theme at its heart, Randall Gartman’s a brilliant country/Americana tune “Who Would Santa Pray To” is a...

Professional Review By Zachary Larson

Overall Impression of Randall Gartman’s tune Getting Over You. Opening with a bluesy guitar solo and ballad-like groove, Getting Over You instantly reveals a classic...

Randall’s Events

Here is s a snapshot of Randall's Public performances. Check back regularly to make sure you don't miss and event near you.

Live Event Randall | The Cowboy Club | July 22nd

Randall and Scott Halley will be performing at The Cowboy Club on July 22nd at 9 PM. Tragically, Ty Young lost his life on June...

Randall Gartman Live @ The Garhole 6-2 @ 7PM

Randall Gartman is playing Live at the Gar Hole In Westminister Texas on June 2nd, at 7PM. I know it’s short notice but it’s still...

Guitars And Growlers Mckinney, Texas May 6

Randall Gartman is playing Guitars and Growlers May 6th

The Infamous Joke

I was recently fired from a gig because of a joke in a bar. It isn’t important what bar but some people are curious what...

Booking After Covid

People are finally starting to get out in the world again. It’s sad to see some pretty slow turnouts for some local artists though. Truth...