Musicians and Politics…

Politics and music…

What happened to the day when people could talk about politics without becoming filled with self-righteous indignation. Today people gripe about the atrocities the government has been behind or the injustices of the police, but they fail to remember those things when they blindly fight for an agenda that includes more government control. We write songs about a tyrannical government and how good people are oppressed but turn and fight for an agenda that oppresses us and takes away our freedoms even more.


Imagine if you will — Why would the black communities fight so hard for freedom but, by and large, vote for a party that represents more government control?


Why does the Republican party, primarily comprised of white people, say they believe in the constitution but trample on the rights of others when the religion of Christianity is involved, when that is the one thing our founding fathers agreed on the most? There will be no established religion of the government.


As musicians and writers, we must be stronger than the rest of the population, not to be led into this trap. The only thing that will try to prevent our freedom of expression is our government. To give the government more control on any front, or for any agenda is a slippery slope that will prevent any chance of true art surviving political correctness. We must stand up and be braver than ever and unafraid of offending someone or freedom of expression will die.


Why is that we know our government has done horrible things to our people, but yet we can’t believe they would ever do horrible things to us. Then when we are confronted with any real threat from the government, the masses get quiet or even turn its own people. I guess it’s alright to take someone else’s property as long as it isn’t yours…….

El Patio Escondido

El Patio was an awesome night. It was hard to find a seat. This was the first time that Jona Lunde and I played together and it was like magic. Our breaks and timing were almost flawless.  In musician language, that almost never happens when two people play together for the first time—-EVER. I really hope to book some more stuff with her, but I’m afraid somebody is gonna snatch her up. I will definitely try though.




Friends And The Frio

There are no words to describe or express what great friends I have and we got to spend some time on the Frio River together. I haven’t played much this week because I was having fun floating the river and now I am recovering from a great time. I might need an IV drip.  To top it off, on the way home, Robby White and I played some at the Legendary Luckenbach, TX and it made the time even more “GOODER”.

Crazy night at The Cowboy Club

What an awesome time the Cowboy Club was on JUNETEENTH. No one got naked but if we had another 30 minutes, who knows? Ty Young and “The Side Show Drifters” opened up the show and then accompanied me for the rest of the night. Scott Lytle (known as Cowboy) put together his “Thunder Johnson”, Complete with a 1938 Samsonite suite case for drums, Brad King on the bass and Ty Young throwing down some kickass lead and vocals catapulted the night into the stratosphere.

The 2 CD’s, “Jesus” and “Shadows On The Wall” were a huge success and the CD release party hasn’t even happened yet.

Also, I finally got the preview pages up so if you would like to hear some samples of the CD’s, be my guest. Just select the “Music Preview” button in the menu and enjoy.

Welcome to Randall Gartman’s Music

This is a new website so sorry for the mess. I will be adding new items in the shopping cart and I will be posting my events and comment periodically so please visit this site often for current topics.


The cat is out of the bag though. The CD’s, “jesus” and “Shadows On The Wall” are in the house and ready to be shipped. If you want both CD’s, look for the discount bundle in the Music Store. This has been a two-year project and it has definitely been and emotional journey. I appreciate all my friends, fans and family for being so patient. Read more