Booking After Covid


People are finally starting to get out in the world again. It’s sad to see some pretty slow turnouts for some local artists though. Truth is, none of us will survive if club venues are holding musicians accountable for people not turning out during a pandemic.

In my opinion, the bar’s primary business model is to sell liquor and the entertainer is there to entertain the drinkers. The Club or Bar is not in the business of selling concert seats. I know that bars and clubs don’t need entertainers to bring people into their establishment to drink and can simply provide a jukebox for music, but that isn’t the point. The venue has to love live music and wants to provide something special for its patrons, pure and simple.

The venues should listen to the submitted Music or check out the entertainer’s Electronic Press Kit to see if they are a fit for their business. Many artists are able to change genres and are versatile, while other artists have their niche. Either way, a live music venue can attract the customer that loves live music and isn’t impressed with just a dollar in the jukebox. On a side note, I have seen other establishments that have a jukebox and live music, and a customer be more willing to put a dollar in the slot for one song, many times the same song the entertainer just performed, while they can’t seem to put their dollar in the entertainer’s tip bucket, who has been playing their requests all night long. A little frustrating but that is for a different blog. I am just anxious to get our state back up and make Texas the real music Capitol once again.

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