I’m Sad

I just got through with a debate with a young person that believes it is absolutely impossible for them to succeed without assistance. They are convinced that the term, pick yourself up by your bootstraps is a lie. It just isn’t so. For those that know me, my children and my family, we are proof it’s not impossible to succeed. I may not be a millionaire but we are all out of poverty and within the moderate middle class. I believe that wasn’t luck and it required hard work to succeed. Everyone can succeed or has the opportunities to succeed. If we don’t, let’s end it now. No need to try. I believe everyone can succeed if they go in the right direction and work hard in a direction that make sense for success.

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Originally from Deep East Texas and Louisiana, Randall Gartman's sound and writing style are always going to transcend his roots. You can almost feel the mud between your toes as you're tapping your feet to "Alligator Crawl" or maybe even get the feeling of Bourbon Street as you listen to "Cool Like You". It's a simple sound with a catchy beat, but all the words are honest and from the heart. Every song captures a part of Randall's feelings at a particular time and place or reminisces through part of his childhood memory but you will always know it's not another song that has been written, just to satisfy the so-called, "music industry professional"


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