The Infamous Joke

I was recently fired from a gig because of a joke in a bar. It isn’t important what bar but some people are curious what joke I told so — here we go

In this business, a large part of the money you make are made of tips, CDs, and other merchandise so you try to find creative ways to ask people to put money in your tip jar.

I pointed to the shiny tip bucket and informed everyone that all the money went toward charity, which was a worthy cause

Everyone went awe that’s awesome – Which is the perfect setup for a joke

That’s when I hit them with “That’s right. All the money goes to Charity or Cinnamon or Crystal or whoever is working the BOOM BOOM Room tonight. Lord knows I have already paid for their college educations at least 3 times. They need the help to be librarians so let’s all try to pitch in to help them out.”


They were so offended they left and called the owner and said they would never come back. The rest of the bar was laughing but obviously, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.


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